Saturday, February 21, 2009

LP Tae - Phra KhunPaen Twin or Phra Plai Koo

Phra KhunPaen Twins or Phra Plai Koo amulet made from some pieced of broken roof of theWat Sam Ngam and blessed properly by LP Tae in 1960.

Regarding to the Phra KhunPaen Couple story said Phra Naray Suan was the first king who created style of Phra Khunpaen Twin.
After war, he told to soldier to produced the Buddha image in style of Phra Khunpaen couple about 84000 amulets to keep under the Pagoda for dedicate the merit to a soldier who dies.
The Phra KhunPaen Twin means Phra Naray Suan and Somdej Phra Akatotsarote which is his younger brother was stay together.
The amulet is made as a reminder of the life and works of Phra Naray Suan.
Luang Pu Tae was born on 15 September 1891 at Nakhon Pathom province.
From the age of seven years he was stayed with his Uncle Daeng, who was a monk at Wat Gahlong in Samutsakorn province, where LP Tae first started to study knowledge of Dhamma. At the age of 10 he returned with Luang Phor Daeng to their home village, to construct a new temple 20KM south at Tambon Don Pusah.
In 1904, the newly built temple was moved from Tambon Don Pusah to Tambon Sam Nagm, and the temple was known as Wat Sam Nagm.
LP Tae was novice at the age of 15 for studying Dharma and magic under his uncle until the age of 20 when he was finally ordained as a monk.
LP Tae eventually was to become the close disciple of LP Tah, of Wat Panaengtak who was knowledge of Dhamma and Sammahdti.
LP Tae would accompany his Master whenever he went Tudung, until such time that LP Tae had gained sufficient experience to go alone.
After LP Tah passed away, LP Tae had learned such art from LP Chaem of Wat Takong and also an unnamed monk from Cambodia.